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Server Release R12

Beitragvon Svenler » 13.12.2011 12:19

Huhu zusammen,

der Server ist up-to-date!
Karkand ist momentan 24/7 eingestellt.
Wenn wir drauf sind können wir das natürlich anpassen - ist aber noch umständlich!!!!

Hier das komplette Changelog:

* General crashfixes
* Fixed problem where kits would remain on the level for a long time (>10 minutes); this would eventually make the server keel over
* The Back to Karkand maps are included

Notice that there are two variations on the Conquest gamemode. The differences are mainly to do with the flags. You will see a "#2" after the map name for a server that runs the second Conquest variation.

Game servers can mix and match B2K and non-B2K maps. Players who have not purchased B2K will be warned if they attempt to join a server with B2K maps in the rotation. Quickmatch will not send those players to servers with B2K maps in the rotation either. The guiding principle here is: if possible, avoid having people get kicked from servers.
Greetz Svenler

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