BF4 Performance Problem Geforce

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BF4 Performance Problem Geforce

Beitragvon KEENsBRAIN » 04.10.2013 09:09

Although it is said that you should load the latest Drivers, if you have problems with performance, many report to have this fixed by taking drivers that are even a bit older...

UPDATE: Known Issues


- We have received reports of Freezes and Crashes affecting the BF4 Beta client. Our team is currently investigating this matter and we will update you here as soon as we know more.

If you are affected by a Freeze or a Crash upon joining a game, and the error message “BF4 Beta has stopped working” appears, please make sure your Windows is fully updated and your Graphic card is running on its latest driver. Alternatively, some players using GeForce drivers were able to fix this by downgrading their driver to an earlier version.

- We received report of unusually low performances, and are currently looking into that as well.

- Please note that the Battlefield 4 Beta does not support Win32 and 32 Bit operating systems.

- Video settings may not be saved after rebooting the game.

- The tooltip “E” to enter the Venom is visible at a 400 meter distance.

- Punkbuster Crashing issues: ... 718181188/[]
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