Waffenregeln !?

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Waffenregeln - ja o. nein?

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Ja - unbedingt!
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Nein - alle Waffen gehören zum Spiel!
Vielleicht - aber nur bestimmte!
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Waffenregeln !?

Beitragvon Svenler » 28.11.2011 16:36


wie sieht es mit Waffenregeln aus - wollen wir das ausprobieren!?
Wenn Ihr abstimmt bitte auch eure meinung dazu posten!


Hier mal der lang Text zum Addon:

[BF3] ProconRulz - weapon limits and other event-triggered admin actions

ProconRulz is a general-purpose Procon plugin that allows admin actions to be taken based on events and triggers. The most common usage is for weapon limits, e.g. "On Kill;Weapon M320;Kill".

ProconRulz has been extensively used on BFBC2 servers (for BFBC2 see this thread). That thread now has hundreds of entries so for BF3 I've started this new one.

ProconRulz has relatively comprehensive documentation on its 'Details' tab, so please refer to that. For info, if you haven't downloaded the plugin yet, you can check out an cached version of the details info online here. Of course for the most up-to-date version of the documentation, check the plugin 'Details'.

ProconRulz allows rulz of the format "Trigger;Conditions...;Actions..." with a wide choice of triggers, conditions and actions. The most trivial forms of weapon limits can be implemented with a single rule, e.g. to kill players using the M320 underslung rifle nade, use the single rule given as an example at the top of this post. However, with a bit of thought, it is possible to provide rulz with a more complex behaviour, e.g. warn on the first kill, kill on the third, kick on the fifth.

ProconRulz installs with half-a-dozen default simple rulz that provide a template for your rulz if that helps.

Some limitations of BF3 R10 to be aware of
ProconRulz features not-working in BF3 R10 are highlighted in red here

1) not all weapon keys are available. All kills by tanks, choppers, humvee are just weapon 'DEATH'
2) weapon keys are currently given on 'kill' events but not on 'spawn' events.
3) player kit (i.e. assault, recon etc) is not available
4) player specializations/accessories are not availabe
5) 'say' messages are to server/team/squad only. I.e. no 'PlayerSay' which makes in-game admin awkward
6) A rocket attack on a tank, killing the player inside, cannot be distinguished from a soldier that gets hit by a rocket in the face. Both show the killer killing the victim with a rocket.
7) there are no events triggered when a player enters or leaves any vehicle

Specifically, these kinds of limits are not possible, even though many people ask:
* no mortar limits (see 1. Mortars are one of the weapons with key DEATH)
* no server limit for numbers of players spawned with a particular kit/spec/weapon (see 2)
* no 'max 2 snipers per team' type rule (I just explained that in the line above ^^)
* no 'max 2 mortars per team' type rule (ditto)
* no 'no use of vehicles until 8 players' type rule (see 1 and 7). For BFBC2 we would detect the vehicle kill and punish then if teams were small.
* no kill or spawn limit for players with MAV

For all this, you can still prevent the use of the 55 weapons that *do* have a weapon key (and hence also a damage-type), by having a rule that kills any player that kills with one. E.g. my favorite rule:

On Kill;Map Subway;Damage ProjectileExplosive;Kill

This makes RPG kills on Operation Metro suicidal. Right now you probably have no idea what this rule does or how it works, but when you've installed ProconRulz and tried a few simple rulz you'll get the idea, so congratulations...

An updated BF3.def file for Procon has been included, which can be safely overwritten whenever the next Procon update becomes available as that will include this data, but it makes the existing BF3 weapon names and 'damage' types available to your rulz now.

Some sample rulz

KEEP the default logging On Kill rule at the end of all your rulz. This has a 'Log' action which is very helpful when your rulz don't pick up the condition you expected... (e.g. Log %pt% %k% %p% killed %v% with %w% (%wk%), damage %d%). You don't need to understand this now, just leave it in.

Limit a single weapon (usage suicidal, kick on 4th kill, ban on 6th kill)

On Kill;Weapon Siaga20k;PlayerCount 5;Log %p% banned for Saiga;Ban %p% Saiga shotgun use
On Kill;Weapon Siaga20k;PlayerCount 3;Log %p% kicked for Saiga;Kick %p% Saiga shotgun use
On Kill;Weapon Siaga20k;PlayerSay %p% no Saiga shotgun;Kill 100

Limit a weapon category via Damage condition (usage suicidal, kick on 4th kill, ban on 6th kill)

On Kill;Damage Shotgun;PlayerCount 5;Log %p% banned for Shotgun;Ban %p% shotgun use
On Kill;Damage Shotgun;PlayerCount 3;Log %p% kicked for Shotgun;Kick %p% shotgun use
On Kill;Damage Shotgun;PlayerSay %p% no Shotgun;Kill 100

Above rule can be used similarly for ProjectileExplosive, SniperRifle

Only allow sniper rifles and pistols (usage suicidal, kick on 4th kill, ban on 6th kill)

On Kill;Not Damage SniperRifle;Not Damage Handgun;PlayerCount 5;Log %p%banned (snipers / pistols only);Ban %p% snipers only
On Kill;Not Damage SniperRifle;Not Damage Handgun;PlayerCount 3;Log %p% kicked (snipers / pistols only);Ban %p% snipers only
On Kill;Not Damage SniperRifle;Not Damage Handgun;PlayerSay %p% snipers/pistols only;Kill 100

Make teamkills suicidal (this is a default rule), kick on 5th and 6th teamkill, ban on 7th

On TeamKill;PlayerCount 6;Log Banned %p% teamkill on %v% #%c%;Ban teamkills
On TeamKill;PlayerCount 4;Log Kicked %p% teamkill on %v% #%c%;Kick teamkills
On TeamKill;Log %p% teamkill on %v% #%c%;Kill 100

Stop use of rockets on map Operation Metro

On Kill;Map Subway;Damage ProjectileExplosive;PlayerCount 5;Log %p% banned for rockets on Metro;Ban %p% Metro rockets
On Kill;Map Subway;Damage ProjectileExplosive;PlayerCount 3;Log %p% kicked for rockets on Metro;Kick %p% Metro rockets
On Kill;Map Subway;Damage ProjectileExplosive;PlayerSay %p% no rockets on Metro;Kill 100
Greetz Svenler

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Re: Waffenregeln !?

Beitragvon plapla » 28.11.2011 23:20

meine meinung:

Nein - alle Waffen gehören zum Spiel!^^
Alles wird gut ;)

Krass Alder
Krass Alder
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Re: Waffenregeln !?

Beitragvon Warthog » 29.11.2011 07:54

Ich bin auch der Meinung, dass alle Waffen zum Spiel gehören!

Krass Alder
Krass Alder
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Re: Waffenregeln !?

Beitragvon Assassin » 29.11.2011 11:31

Nunja ich bin ja eigentlich Vertreter der guten alten Rocket-launcher-ins-Gesicht-Quake-Generation aber bei BF3 kanns einem manchmal auf die Nüsse gehen. Es ist halt einfach eigentlich keine Antiinfantriewaffe. Andererseits muss ich aber auch sagen das es noch nicht soo oft vorkam das es wirklich ätzend wurde. Meist hält es sich in Grenzen. Sonst kann ich zu den anderen Sachen nicht viel sagen.

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