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Server Release R16

Verfasst: 19.12.2011 09:15
von Svenler
Wer hätte es gedacht ... R16 wird heute installiert ...

We believe that we have a good fix for the #1 cause of server crashes in BF3 PC.

A few RSPs will be trialling the server during this evening/morning. The new server update will be rolled out by all RSPs during Monday if no gotchas are found.

There's only one to speak of; the afore mentioned crash fix.

Ninja changes
There's one. We'll tell you about it on Monday or Tuesday. First one to pinpoint it before then wins a beer.

Remaining crashes
There is one other crash which we see a lot of. Ít is an internal resource leak in the game server. The leak is reset at the end of each round; so, high ticket count servers are more susceptible to this than normal ticket count servers. I suggest not running your servers with a ticket count higher than 500 until we have sorted this out.

The first part in solving a bug is finding out how to reproduce it reliably. Thanks to rtm00se for pointing out how to do so in this thread: ... 802308640/ []

Wir werden sehen ob es was bringt

Re: Server Release R16

Verfasst: 19.12.2011 20:26
von FoRtI3
hatten wir den damit probleme? eher nicht oder ist deshalb unser server so leer ;) Beste Grüße forti3

Re: Server Release R16

Verfasst: 20.12.2011 09:07
von Svenler
Warum der Server so leer ist kann ich nicht genau sagen - definitiv ist er sooo leer seit dem Patch gerangel R13 aufwärts.
Wenn jemand ideen hat wie wir den Server wieder voll kriegen - einfach bescheid geben.